Alex Reyes' Bio

Alejandro Antonio Reyes is a native New Yorker, self-titled Purpose Fulfillment Strategist (PFS), personal coach, and seminar trainer.  He’s easily the hardest working man in the man business having passionately pursued the best transformational trainings he could immerse himself in so that he can bring the most life-altering results to his clients and participants.
He’s been a personal growth devotee since the 90s, but began seminars in 2002 participating in many transformational trainings from different enterprises, including Tony Robbins coach training and a dual certification in NAP (Neuro-Associative Programming) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).
Alex also has degrees in Philosophy and Comparative Religion studying directly under two of Joseph Campbell’s students and learned Jeet Kune Do under two of Bruce Lee’s students, as well as a former Seal Team 6 trainer.
The personal fuel for all of this is his own journey of being lost, alone and unguided with no certainty of path or purpose, especially after the loss of his much older brother who was his only trusted masculine guide.  That sent him on a deeply personal journey to come out on the other end now committing himself to paying forward what his brother gave him.  Alex’s life is about creating environments for men to experience brotherhood while on the challenging, but rewarding, journey that will lead them to also have the fulfilling experience of winning at this game of life.
For Alex, it’s about the VICTORY of Purposeful Success.
He began in men’s trainings and circles in 2007 and held various organizational positions of leadership, mentoring and instruction with distinction, before forming his own international organization Men’s Victory Path (MVP).  MVP offers training programs and membership for graduates helping to form communities of empowering environments for men to pursue what they came on this Earth to do and be. That men can continue to grow, succeed, contribute, find meaning, experience fulfillment, and build deeper connections.
The massive impact in men’s lives has cut across their relationships, careers, entrepreneurship, family, health, and so on.
Alex’s personal motto for any trainings he designs is to give men “The Best Fighting Chance.”
His personal life motto is to “Stay Engaged!”